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Solar Power North West specialise in the installation of Solar Panel Systems for householders.

Solar panels are a perfect solution to enable you to generate renewable energy which will provide the energy needed to power your home.

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The solar panels we install take energy from the sun and therefore create no pollution which is great for the environment. The energy is then transferred to an inverter which in turn powers your electric system.

The great news is that it will even work when it is not sunny ! Even more good news if you build up a surplus of energy it can be sold to your Energy Supplier generating you an income.

Solar Power North West offer a Free Site Survey to assess and advise on the best Solar Panel System for your needs.

Please Contact Us today to book a Site Visit or if you have any questions about the service we offer, we will be very pleased to assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - How Do Solar Panels Work ?

A - From daylight the Panels on your roof will generate electricity in DC which is the same as a battery, this power is passed through an inverter to change it to AC so that it can be used in your home

Q - I didn't realise Solar Panels still worked when the Sun isn't shining. How does this happen ?

A - Solar(PV) panels work in daylight, they don't need full sunshine so even when it's overcast you will still generate some electricity.

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